Like It. Love It. Paint It!

We have a lot of pieces in the store that we love. Our employees work hard to create amazing works of art for your inspiration. One of the most popular pieces--for our employees and our customers--is this amazing bird and branches platter! Perfect for any occasion, whether it's serving a lovely holiday dish or hanging on your wall, this is a one of a kind, show-stopping piece of art.

And we are going to show you how to make it!

This design is great because it is simple to create but looks polished and gorgeous when it's finished.

Step 1: Choose Your Pottery

Select the piece of pottery you want to paint and clean it off with water and a sponge. When choosing your pottery, we recommend going with a plate or platter for beginners. Flat pieces are easier to paint more intricate designs on when you're first starting out!

Step 2: Design

Sketch out your design with pencil. This is where you get to decide how simple or intricate the design is. If you want more branches and leaves and fewer birds, you can make that happen. And don't worry about messing up with the pencil! All pencil marks are going to disappear when we fire your pottery in the kiln.

Not confident in your drawing skills? Not to worry. You can always trace or stencil the design onto your plate/platter using our plate and stencils as a guide. All it takes is tracing paper and a sharpie. We can walk you through the rest!

Step 3: Paint

There are two options when it comes to painting your design.

A. You can use our standard black paint and do 4 coats, using our special paint pens for the finer branch details.

Or, B: You can use our employee-preferred one-coat black paint and a fine tip brush. The best part about the one-coat black is that you only have to go over the pencil with one coat of paint instead of 4. Plus, the lines will look much more clean and crisp. (This is what was used in the images above.)

Worried about not being able to keep your hand steady? Not a problem! With this design and the roughness of the branches, the less straight the line, the more realistic it will be. Follow the outline of the branches, leaves, and bird first, then fill them in.

After you've finished creating you're amazing plate or platter, we'll glaze and fire it for you! Just come back five days later for pick up. Don't finish it in one sitting? Just let an employee know that you need to come back later to finish it up and we'll take care of that for you.

Call us today 360-705-2103 to make a reservation!

When you arrive, let us know you want to make the black and white bird platter and we'll get you all set up with instructions and the right supplies.

Joyfully Celebrating 18 Years of Art with You!

You're Invited...

We are celebrating 18 years in downtown Olympia. And we want you to join us! Everyone who has ever been a part of our studio over the years, whether it was working, painting, or celebrating a special occasion of your own, is welcome to stop in on Friday evening from 6-9pm to celebrate with us! Thank you for making the last 18 years amazing, and we look forward to another 18 years of making creative memories with you.

Paint for Mom!

With Mother's Day only three weeks away, it's time to start planning and creating something special for the amazing mom in your life. And no one knows how to create one of a kind memories like The Painted Plate. We have everything you'll need, whether it's inspiration, tutorials, or custom made pottery, we can help you bring to life the perfect gift for your mom. Choose from mugs, plates, planters, vases, picture frames, and so much more!

Do you want to put handprints on a mug or plate? Let us know when you choose your pottery and we can help! We know all the tips and tricks to making a unique surprise for mom from the whole family.

Do you want to give your mom a painting experience? Something she can enjoy with her kids and friends? We have gift certificates just for you! Select any amount, and we'll give you a certificate that doesn't expire.

So join us at The Painted Plate! Give us a call at 360-705-2103 to make a reservation. We are open from Monday through Thursday from 11am-9pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am-11pm, and Sundays from 12pm-6pm. Let's paint for mom and make her day extra special.

Spring Break Escape

Spring break is in full swing over here at The Painted Plate! All week we’ve had parents and kids filling our store as they create fun spring-inspired projects to pass the time. If you don’t plan to get out of town this weekend, head downtown for a fun-filled day of painting and memory-making!

Just for you, we’ve expanded our Parent & Child Art Escape package selection. This is great way to surprise your kids with an afternoon of creativity. Each package comes with two pieces of pottery (one for you and one for your child) and two treats (we recommend our Olympic Mountain ice cream). And for only $30, you and your kids can take a break and start a new tradition of your own.

Have two kids? Or three? Or perhaps you want to bring their friends along? No worries! We can add another child onto the Art Escape package for only $15 per additional child!

So pick up the phone and make a reservation with us today! Let us know how many painters you’ll be bringing and what time works best for you. We are open from 11am-11pm on Friday and Saturday, and from 12pm-6pm on Sunday! Come on over and enjoy the painting experience with us.

Reach us at: 360-705-2103