Tutorial: Paint & Peel

Today we’re going to introduce you to one of our favorite, go-to painting tools: contact paper. We absolutely LOVE contact paper here at the Painted Plate, because it lets get creative and crafty with the designs we want to bring to life on our pottery. Plus, it is simple and easy to use! Nothing beats that combination. So…

C O N T A C T  P A P E R

The best way to describe contact paper is that it is a sticker you make for yourself. You can cut it out into any design you want and it’s great for keeping pieces of your pottery white and unpainted so you can go back and fill in the design later. It can even be used if you want a really dark background color, but also want to use lighter colors in your design. This tool is great for mugs, plates, bowls, and tiles. Let’s get started!

1: Find the piece of pottery you love and clean it with a damp sponge to give yourself a nice, clean painting surface. Doing this first gives the pottery some time to dry while you decide what design you want to paint. A dry surface means the contact paper will stick so much better.

2: Grab some contact paper from our supply drawers, a pair of scissors, and a pen. Take your time and decide what shapes or letters or pattern you want to paint. You can use any of our stencils, wood templates, or stamps so you don’t have to freehand something :)

3: Carefully draw/trace your design onto the contact paper and cut it out. Now you have your very own, handmade sticker! All you have to do is peel off the back of the sticker and carefully stick it onto your clean pottery surface.

4: Choose the color you like most and paint 4 solid coats onto your pottery. Use the blow dryer in between coats to speed up the drying time and make the coats nice and even.

5: After you’ve finished painting all 4 coats, it’s time to peel off the contact paper! Find a small pin in the supply drawers (or ask someone in a blue apron!), poke the pin into the center of the contact paper, and lift it away from the pottery. As you peel of the contact paper, you’ll uncover a nice white, unpainted surface.

6: When you’ve peeled off all the contact paper, you can use a toothpick or Q-tip to tidy up the edges in case a little paint seeped underneath the contact paper during painting.

And then you’re all finished! If you want, you can fill in the white space with another color using a fine tip brush or our paint pens, or you can leave it white. It’s all up to you as the artist :)

A Tradition...

Tis' the season for family traditions! We feel blessed to be a part of so many holiday memories! It has been exciting to hear the stories from our wonderful customers about their first time painting in our store and the amazing gifts they have created over the last 18 years! In fact, we had a young woman come in to paint with her little sister, we giggled with her over stories of items her parents painted with her hand prints when she was just months old and found ourselves in disbelief that she now was old enough to bring her little sister in for some painting memories...! Time flies!! You are making us feel loved up Olympia!!!!! This studio has become so much more than just a "paint your own ceramic" store. We have watched our customers grow and change and we have relished every moment of it!

We have also met many new painters and have frequently over heard the phrase, "let's do this every year!" We love that. What is better than a hand made gift?? What is better than decorating your Christmas tree and and reminiscing about the ornaments your children painted years before?? If you haven't yet, make us a part of your families' holiday traditions!

Keep us in mind for the rest of the year as well! We have the perfect space for a "girl's night out", a team building "conference", a birthday party (any age), a date night, a parent child art escape, baby showers, bridal showers (and registry), your school group project, a commemorative gift, coffee group, work party, themed event, a perfect alternative to a movie or bowling, a fresh creative idea, or anything you can think of!!! Remember we have a HUGE selection... TONS of ideas for easy painting projects...ESPRESSO...APPETIZERS...BEVERAGES of all, wine, soda,tea,etc... Call us to book your next social event! We also have the space for a quiet day of creating by yourself, if you prefer a more intimate setting...WE LOOK FORWARD TO CREATING WITH YOU SOON!