Express Yourself!

As summer begins to wind down (and cool down!), it's always fun to plan some last minute adventures. Summer is about fun experiences and creating memories. Maybe you and your kids want to spend some creative time before school starts back up, perhaps you need a cute gift for an end-of-the-summer wedding, or maybe you and your friends want to paint some fun mugs to take with you to college.

No matter the occasion, The Painted Plate is perfect for you!

Our hope is to give everyone who walks through the door an experience they'll treasure forever. Whether that's throwing a birthday party for your adorable kiddo or walking you through the steps to paint a piece you'll use for years to come, our staff is here to make that happen.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding new pieces of pottery to our selection! Make sure you stop on by and check them out. It's always fun to create something new and different! You can even bring in that cute design you found on Pinterest! We'll show you the right techniques to bring it to life. We'll also be adding some evening classes you can sign up for! Let us know in the comments what types of classes you'd enjoy and we'll do our best to make them happen.

So keep us in mind as you enjoy the last few weeks of summer! Head downtown and paint with us. We'll make sure you enjoy every moment!