Set your table with memories.

If there is one thing, here at the painted plate, that is absolutely second to's FAMILY.

   Whether you see them daily or a handful of times in a year, each moment spent with family is irreplaceable. If your family is anything like mine, we are scattered all about the northwest and its a rare occurrence that we are all able to gather around a big table, dig into some delicious food and laugh the night away.....literally, I don't know if we actually stop laughing long enough to get a word in....this, you guys, is why I absolutely MUST say that Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday of the year!!!

   Seriously does it get any better than a super corny parade on TV, football, no presents, minimal fall expectations other than to dress up a little, chow down A LOT and just hang out with the ones you love!

   This year we're really loving the thought of you creating a new family tradition and I think you're gonna like this....hand-painting your entertainment! Fun, right?! Whether you paint a set of dishes for the whole family to dish up on and enjoy or even round them all up to paint their own place-settings!! You could literally set your table with memories!

   We have a gigantic selection of pottery to choose from and we are bursting with amazing ideas & techniques to show you!! Did I mention we have snack plates, ice-cream, coffee, beer & wine?? Yep, we have all the right stuff to make the perfect family event one to remember!!