Annual Sample Sale!!!

You've been asking all year and the time is NOW!

   All year long we've been painting our little hearts out to fill our store walls with wonderful artwork. We paint these things for one reason and one reason alone: INSPIRATION, we want you to see our pieces and think 'Hey, that's beautiful, I can do that!'. We pride ourselves on our ability to take simple techniques and create amazing pieces...we love love love being asked "how did you do that?"....seriously, we CANNOT wait to tell you!


   That being said.....we got a little carried away & painted too much!!! We're looking for you to come help us out and take some of this awesome stuff off of our hands!

   This Friday and Saturday we are setting up our annual sidewalk sale and we've got some unbelievable deals, you gotta check it out! We're open 11am - 11pm Both days!